THE PARK Nangrong Resort


The Park is located in quiet and private surroundings, near the Knong-ta-moo pond, Nangrong, Buriram, Thailand. The rooms are decorated in a modern resort home style, and have lots of facilities such as an air conditioning, hot shower, cable television, telephone, refrigerator, and wifi internet connection. The resort is not far away from Prasat Khau Phanomrung, which is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Thailand. Last but not least, whether you need to conduct your business or escape from the working world, The Park is the perfect gateway to an idyllic location.


Welcome to... The Park

445/10 Praditpana Road

Nangrong, Buriram 31110


Mobile: (+66) 844-633778 (24 hrs)

Tel: (+66) 44-633778 (8:00-16:00)

Fax: (+66) 44-633779




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Introduce... The Park Group

Modern 3-storey building with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.

Located on the highway Nangrong - Buriram. Opposite to the institute of B-BAC.

Building width 5 m

- Area: 80 square metres

- Living Space: 144 square metres

- Outer Space (parking, balcony): 32 square metres

- Total Area: 176 square metres

Price 2,800,000 THB.

Tel. (+66) 896665460, (+66) 901816699

Thai fusion restaurant, which overlooks the Knong-ta-moo pond and always serves excellent and tasty cuisine.

Tel. (+66) 44633778 Ext. 111